About Me

Hi! I’m Allahnastevie,

This Blog will cater to young women with a story to tell.  I am currently a college student, whom has an immense passion for writing.  With this blog, I will be sharing my journey, of self love and discovery, all while questioning and challenging the way things are.   Considering myself to be an activist in my own right,  I look to writers such as Alice Walker, Maya Angelou and  Toni Morrison, aiming to reach and touch young women through my writing, the way these women have for me. From freelance journalism to poetry, I want to share my talent of writing. I will be focusing on a variety of issues. Conducting interviews, exploring, and digging, all while sharing my love for the Arts, rather it be Hip-Hop and the affect that lyricist have on me, to literature, and films. I want to give young women like me a platform of expression, through joy, pain, and gain. This site will capture, uplift, and story tell through different forms of mediums. Taking readers on a ride, and sharing the world through my lens.  A poet, woman, dreamer, visionary, and student of life.


Being, Bold, Beautiful, and Authentic!

Welcome to my Blog and enjoy!