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Special Guest Blog Post: I Bloomed, I Grew: Flower Boy One Year Later..

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For months I have been wrestling with thoughts of new ideas for my blog. Struggling with feeling as if I was producing the same content, and it was becoming boring. To my surprise the universe sent a fellow blogger, creative, hip-hop head, and supporter by the name of Paul my way. He presented the idea of writing a piece as a special guest being featured. At the time I didn’t fully understand the concept of having someone else write for your blog, but I was all for it. Partially because I really enjoy Paul’s writing centered around hip-hop, and I figured it was an answer to those thoughts that I was having. I am very grateful to have such a creative and talented writer being featured on my blog. I am grateful for the support that Paul has shown me, and essentially the secret boost he gave me regarding stepping outside of my comfort zone while sharing different content from a different perspective.
Check out his piece below:

On July 21st 2017, Tyler, The Creator released his critically acclaimed album Flower Boy. Many called it his best work yet and praised it for its beautiful soundscapes, transparently emotional lyrics and how it encapsulated Tyler’s growth as an artist. Not only is it one of my favorite albums of that year but it is in fact the most important album of that year for me personally. Looking back on where I was then and where I am now it is a 100% fact that if that album had never been released you would not be reading this piece today.

Flashback to July 2017: I’m unemployed, working out, reading daily, trying to learn Japanese and spending hours on YouTube. A mixed bag for sure. I’m also awaiting the release of Tyler The Creator’s new album as one single has been released so far and I’m very eager to hear more. And, I do hear more in the form of the next single that set the change that happened in my life in motion. Titled “Boredom” and featuring Rex Orange County and Anna of the North I am treated to a calming and yet motivational showcase of airy singing, honest rapping and one of Tyler’s favorite things…BEAUTIFUL CHORDS. The earworm chorus gets stuck in my head immediately as they sing “Find some time. Find some time to do something” and I feel like they are talking directly to me. Sure, I’m doing stuff but am I really doing anything? No. I listen to the song back to back multiple times letting the message infiltrate my mind and expand within it. And then, I do exactly what it says to do.

images guest

Within the next few weeks I researched all over how I could actually do something with my writing talents. And then it literally seemed like everything just fell into place. After researching, bookmarking and reading multiple sites,articles and guides I created my online portfolio that showcased my writing. After that I began to search for websites I could write for, whether it be a guest post on someone else’s blog or an actual company. Oh and while I’m doing this I’m listening to Flower Boy constantly. I end up doing a guest post on my friend Kennadi’s blog and it gets quite a bit of feedback from all my friends and family who read it. I actually opened their eyes to a new perspective which was my actual goal. After this piece I found a website called Black & Gifted Blog and am brought onto the team almost immediately after applying to write for their music section. My first piece was a review of Flower Boy on which I also received a great deal of positive responses and reactions. I begin to write for Black and Gifted Blog regularly while also trying to find other sites to write for.


Return to 2018: I’m employed, written for 4 websites, started my own blog , and have two projects I’m working on with fellow writers. The growth has been wonderful and I credit it all to God and Flower Boy. It may sound cliche to say “this album changed my life” but it truly did. It gave me the boost of motivation to pursue my goals headfirst instead of just talking about doing it. It’s definitely my #1 favorite album of 2017 and in my top 10 all time favorites respectively. I not only love it for the music itself but because I will always associate with the summer my writing career truly began.

paul for special guest blog post

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