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Chapter 21: My year of complete transformation..

(Photo captured by MIA.MOV, a dope photographer working out of Flint, Michigan)  

My blog is officially a year and a few weeks old. For those of you who have consistently followed and supported my blog, you know that last year, I wrote a blog post about turning 20 on this day. Honestly as I write this birthday post, this year, I am extremely emotional. I have spoken about the struggles that have plagued me mentally, and how I continue to have these struggles. I am extremely grateful to have reached the age of 21 today. I finally feel that I have reached real “adulthood”, which is both scary and exciting in the same breath. 

Many of you know my love of storytelling, and how I constantly refer to and talk about my personal dreams, goals, and aspirations. In understanding as a writer, that I am in complete control over how I want my story to be told and to end, chapter 21 of my life, will be my chapter of complete transformation. I’m doing a complete 360, and starting to be confident in everything that I do. I plan to officially start sharing more of what I’m passionate about as an artist, which is storytelling through the art of creating scripts, screen plays, films, etc. I will start my YouTube channel before the summer is over, and really get started with what I was put on earth to do. I have only been holding myself back. 

In reading more on and beginning to understand the law of attraction, and the power of the subconscious mind, I understand that I have the power to live the life that I envision myself living. I am in control, and in unison with the universe. 

I thought that I wanted this post to be this extremely big thing, but it’s just a free write with no form of direction. I thank God, for allowing me to see another year. I thank my family and friends for supporting me. I thank myself for continuing to push, even when it felt like I didn’t have the strength to do so. I thank the universe for allowing me to be in tune. Happy 21st birthday to me !  I love you. 

Love, the part of your spirit that pushes you to live. 

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