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Creo ‘From the Soul’: An up and coming Detroit artist with a lot to say lyrically..

Creo is an artist from the city of Detroit, Michigan. As a lover of storytelling through lyrics, I have been listening to and following Creo as an artist for some time now. Creo’s music is very raw and authentic. He never fails to uplift, inspire, motivate, and spread positivity in some way or another throughout his projects. It’s almost as if he unintentionally releases positive energy into the universe as he releases his music for the world to hear . With music as his number one passion, I’m sure this is only the beginning, and we will here more of Creo in the near future.

Check out our interview below:

Allahnastevie: When did you fall in love with making music and realize that it was your passion ?

Creo: “I fell in love with making music the summer after I graduated high school in 2013. That’s when I realized it was my true passion. I was so determined to make music, that I built my own home studio just so that I could record everyday and work on my craft. I knew I would take it serious from that point. I would go whole days just locked in the basement recording music, and not even eating until I completed a song.”

ASWhat does being an artist mean to you ?

Creo: “Being an artist means being able to express yourself in a creative manner. It means being yourself and true to yourself as well. Music is art and when I’m making a song from the beginning, I look at it as a canvas. So when I start to write lyrics I look at it like I’m sketching on the canvas, and then when I get my flow it’s like okay I’m adding colors to the canvas. Then the harmonizing, melodies, and Ad-libs are all like the final touches to the masterpiece.”

ASWho are some artist that have influenced you ? 

Creo: “Some artists that have influenced me would have to be Drake, Jaden Smith, Childish Gambino, and Big Sean. When it comes to Drake I just feel like he has a great ear for music and he knows what sounds good to the ear. It’s like every song he has put out has basically been good he never really misses. Now, with Jaden Smith, early on I was listening to him before any one knew he was rapping. He showed me that it was possible to rap without cursing and it could still be cool. 

My first few years of making songs I never cursed in them. It was by choice, I knew I had a lot of younger people looking up to me, and also elders who would want to hear my music so it was a respect thing. With Big Sean he showed me that you can make it really big from Detroit by just being yourself, and having your own sound. His flows are amazing and people say that they can hear Big Sean in my flows sometimes. With Childish Gambino, he’s just a creative genius and he’s comfortable in his skin and that’s what I like about him.”

AS: How does the process of creating content/music go for you? 

CreoThe process of creating music for me is pretty cool actually. (Laughs) I usually start first with the beat. I don’t make beats but I know people that do, and that’s usually the first thing I have to do. I have to hear the beat first because that helps me create flows, and it also helps me decide what I want to talk about, and the mood and direction of the song. It’s like I have to feel a connection with the beat and from there I begin to write lyrics from whatever is on my mind at that moment. Another thing I have been doing most recently is freestyling. I’ll freestyle to the whole beat and record it and I’ll catch many creative flows that way. Then I will go back and listen to it, and change whatever words or bars I feel can be better and keep what I like. That’s been a good way to find new flows.”

AS: Do you freestyle, or how does the writing process usually go for you ?

Creo : “I mainly write all of my songs because, I feel like if I write I will have more thought put into it, and I will say exactly what I’m trying to say and the message will come out clearer. Some songs I freestyle on as well, because when I’m doing that I feel like it’s very natural. I love when things come natural it feels like it’s meant to be. Now when I make songs freestyling I shock myself everytime. It took years for me to master and be really good at that. You have to be a very quick thinker and know many words to do it.”

AS: What keeps you motivated as an artist ? 

Creo: “The things that keeps me motivated as an artist… hmm there are a few things. One is simply my love for music and my creativeness that I was born with. As a kid I could always draw really well and I thought that I would be that form of an artist, but once I got to high school drawing just wasn’t as fun anymore. That’s when I got serious with music. Since I wasn’t drawing I had so much creativity still built up inside of me that needed to be expressed, so that’s how it started to come out in music. Another thing is just my drive to make it and be successful. I know music is my number one passion and I would like for it to be my career one day. 

I feel like with music I can spread positivity and motivation and help people. I truly believe it’s my purpose here on Earth.”

AS: I’ve listened and been a follower of your music for a few years now. The first project I listened to during high school was ‘CREO’s Vision’. I think the hunger and you talking about going after your dreams, inspired me back then. What does that project mean to you ? 

Creo: “My first project ‘Creo Vision’ is very special to me. To this day even though it’s a few years old it still sounds good. And that’s shocking and amazing that I was making timeless music back then. So I definitely surprise myself at times (laughs). But that project was definitely filled with inspiration and motivation. That was the main focus while creating it. I wanted to inspire people to do what they love and believe in themselves to be able to accomplish their biggest goals. It was filled with good vibes.”

AS: With your most recent project ‘ From the Soul’, what inspired it ? 

Creo: So surprisingly my most recent project was inspired from a (state of) depression that I was going through. It was a dark point in my life where I was going through a lot, and feeling overwhelmed with life. I had never felt that before. When I used to make music, I would rarely put my personal life or issues in the music for the public, but with this project I decided to be more open and express myself to the fullest.

 I was in a relationship but it had gotten very toxic. We were arguing like almost every other day basically, and that had gone on for months. It was stressful and also she was pregnant so that may have been part of the reason because of the hormones and things like that. So besides that, family had started getting involved, and friends were all in the relationship, and that’s never a good thing to have people in your relationship business so it got messy. I kind of felt like I was lashing out on people that I love, because of all the things that were going on. On top of that just the anxiety of becoming a father. I was excited and happy but at the same time nervous and a little scared. I had also had an issue with my car it was down for a moment, so there were just a lot of things all happening at once, but I don’t want to tell every little detail. That had just caused me to become depressed. 

I said all of that to say ‘From The Soul’ was like therapy for me. I don’t talk to people often, I’m usually to myself and things start to build up. I finally released everything into the music, and that’s how ‘From The Soul‘ was created. It’s crazy because the project turned out to be very good and also still positive, even though I was going through so much. I feel like if I wasn’t going through anything, I wouldn’t have made such good music with so much meaning and impact. I’ve had songs on this project make people cry and everything. And I never made music that could touch people like that before. So yeah this project was inspired from my depression and also from my son, and even from a piece of my love life from a new person I started dating.”

AS: What do you want your lasting impact to be as an artist ? 

Creo: “As an artist in the long run, I want my impact to be huge. 

I want to be able to change people’s perspectives into more positive and optimistic perspectives. I want to spread good vibes across the globe and positivity and motivation. I also want to connect with the people. Let people know that we all go through things and that if we stay strong we can make it out on top!

 That’s what i did with my most recent project ‘From The Soul’.”

AS: What can we expect from you in the near future ? 

Creo: “In the near future music videos can be expected. I want to give people more visuals so they can see my vision more clearly. I also have summer music ready as well, just something to have fun to. So that can be expected this summer more music to vibe and turn up to for the summer time.”

Click the links below and check out Creo’s projects:

Be sure to follow Creo on Social media Platforms:

Twitter: @orgcreo


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