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Janelle Monáe and the power behind her new single ‘Django Jane’: A pro-Black women anthem…


Janelle Monáe is back (with music) after five years since releasing ‘Electric Lady’ in 2013, with her upcoming album ‘Dirty Computer’, set to release on April 27th. Django Jane, a single on her upcoming album, is a political statement, filled with lines of self-love and assurance, women empowerment, and a dope sense of wordplay. She embraces a heavier hip-hop sound as she gives us thought provoking bars, and leaves you feeling empowered with her confident delivery.

Monáe is having fun, while also clearly meaning business, with this political war cry for women, in particular, Black women. Janelle Monáe is no stranger to having strong political agendas in her music, and other forms of her artistry. With her important role in the film ‘Hidden Figures’ as she portrays Mary Jackson, the first Black woman to be an engineer at NASA. Using her voice as a woman, and as an artist in 2017, Monáe gave a powerful speech at the women’s march on Washington. As she performed “hell you talmbout” and brought mothers of victims to power abuse and police brutality on stage with her, also known as “Mothers of the Movement”. They were the mothers of Travon Martin and Eric Garner, Monáe urged the mothers to yell out the names of their child, and the crowd responded by shouting back “say his name”.

Janelle Mon'e
Janelle Monáe performs during the Women’s March on Washington, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

With Django Jane, Janelle Monáe touches and hits us hard with her bars and a dope visual to go along with them, directed by Andrew Donoho. Monáe is sitting on a throne surrounded by a beautiful army full of women, as she begins spitting truth and powerful words our way. With her first fun catch phrase / Sassy, classy/ Kool-Aid with the kale/.

She then goes on to remind the world who Black women are and what we are capable of. With lines such as /Remember when they use to say I looked to mannish/ Black girl magic, y’all can’t stand it/ y’all can’t ban it, made out like a bandit/ They been working hard just to make us all vanish/ I suggest they put a flag on a whole ‘nother planet/. As well as, /We gave you life, we gave you birth/ we gave you God, we gave you earth/ we fem the future don’t make it worse/. That alone gave me chills the first time I listened to it, its nothing but the truth and its powerful!

Monáe also playfully and sarcastically touches on the power and freedom of women, which can be viewed in a political way as she says, / Made a fandroid outta yo girlfriend / let’s get caught downtown in a whirlwind/ And paint the city pink, paint the city pink/And tuck the pearls in, just in case the world end/, and then she comes back powerful hitting us with one of the best verses in the song in my opinion,  N*gga down dawg, N*gga move back, you were not involved/ now hit the mute button/ let the vagina have a monologue/. As her vagina literally has a monologue within the visual!


It’s clear that Janelle Monáe is back, with some hard hitting, thought provoking, political, funky new material. Are you ready? Django Jane is a pro- Black woman bop, that in my personal opinion could be the anthem for Black women for all of 2018.

Check out the visual to Django Jane below: 


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