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Home is where the heart is: A poem for the city of Flint.. 

(Sings)I wanna die sometimes I gotta keep it together 

I wanna cry sometimes living this life under pressure…

 The other day I had a dream that there were two officers standing over two lifeless bodies in the city of Flint Michigan.

One a Black woman.

And the other being a Black child.

The officers then proceeded to look at one another and say “we should’ve let them breathe” 

Governor Rick Snyder should have come clean about the water that they were drinking.

The officer looked down at the two lifeless bodies laying there on the concrete and showed no form of empthay..

And then to my surprise the most beautiful thing happened, the young women that just appeared to be lifeless rose up refusing to be defeated.

 It was symbolic as if she was rising in light. 

Against oppression. 

Against fear.

Against pain.. 

Against systematic and environmental racism 

And near death experiences. 
She then looked down at the officers as she shook her head saying.. 

 Don’t you know in America you can’t breathe for free!?

You can’t live for free! 

Get basic essentials for free!

Don’t you know that it’s been four years since Flint Michigan has had cleaned water!?

That folks are now using this crisis in poems and songs and sermons as a way to be deep.. 

Not feeling the pain skin deep like me

As I go home for break and see my mother working hard making ends meet all while using bottles of water for everything.

 For cooking and cleaning , and still having to pay a high ass water bill for nothing.

Still managing to keep a smile on her face , going through the motions of being a single Black mother.

Do you know that Black mothers are having miscarriages due to the led flowing into their sinks and eventually sinking into their skin and bodies while showering? 

That genocide is happening right before our very eyes.

I wonder.. 

I wonder how Black mothers and fathers feel knowing,

That they can’t do anything about this.

Emotional poverty. 

As the eyes of so many young innocent Black children are witnessing this and going about life as if it was normal.

It’s been documented that third grade reading levels have decreased since the beginning of Flint’s water crisis meaning that the led that these babies were consuming caused some form of brain damage. 

They do not know this yet. 
They don’t know that what some may consider to be broken dreams will one day become a creative and vibrant reality..

That the cloud floating over our city will one day disappear. 

They don’t know that these disgraceful school systems doesn’t mean that they won’t be intelligent.

They don’t know,

That they don’t deserve this. 

But they will, 

They will know 

That they can succeed and educate themselves just as Malcom did.

They will understand what it means to be the future,

They will one day know that they have people like me rooting for them.  

They will one day look at women such as Clarissa shields an Olympic gold medalist from the heart of the city and know that they 

Too can heal through their art , through their sports, and education, whatever they decide to put their mind to.

They will know that they are legacy,

They will know that they are their ancestors wildest dream,

And so child it’s okay to scream to feel defeated as long as you rise up 

Although sometimes you may want to 

(Sings) die sometimes baby you gotta keep it together 
You may wanna cry sometimes living this life under pressure.

I woke up from that dream realizing that I had a message to share, 
That the babies of Flint are me and I am them and, we’re gonna continue to rise up against a system that desperately wants us to fail 

By any many necessary.

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