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Radical (Self-Care) Sunday’s.. A glimpse into my adventure this weekend..


Hey you all! So if you have been following my blog or social media, you know that within my blog post in which I posted last weekend (‘Radical Self-love: A challenge for the month of February), that apart of that challenge is having a day out of the week (Sunday) where I unwind and care for myself. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but in the end my first week of my challenge was a success in various ways. I often times tend to only see the negative or focus on the things that I have yet to accomplish, or the awkward moments that I’ve had. I’m always criticizing every little thing that I do, because essentially, I don’t love myself unconditionally. Yes. I said it. Hence the challenge. No but seriously, having moments of self -awareness is extremely important. I want to share mine, as I take you through my week of self-doubt, happiness, awkwardness and self-awareness.

Within the first week after promising myself to do this challenge I did fairly well. I woke up around 5:30- 6:00 A.M  before class and meditated, mostly through practicing yoga. I originally said that I would practice yoga every evening before bed and because lack of discipline I only did so once last week, but made up for it by making sure I practiced yoga and meditation every morning. I also proceeded to eat three meals a day and I included lots of green in my diet (with what is provided to me at my University’s cafeteria) I also fulfilled my duty of writing a positive affirmation to myself everyday of that week. As the weekend approached, things started to look up. Saturday my bestfriend, Samarah and I took a trip to yellow Springs, Ohio. (Anything in this little town of Ohio known as Wilberforce, feels like a trip when you are in the middle of no where, and for miles and miles you are surrounded by corn fields).Yellow Springs Ohio, is like a “Lifetime movie town”, yes that is a term that I made up. From the outside looking in this small village in Ohio, seems too good to be true.

blog yellow

I’ve never experienced a town like Yellow Springs before my freshman year of College. Yellow Springs is a very diverse little village with a variety of “cultured” shops that sell incense sticks and cones, posters, etc. It literally is a “hippie” town, and the people of this village pride themselves on being just that.

yellowspring blog

It’s very beautiful how people of all ethnicities just tend to live and vibe together. Treating each other with respect. Online you will find that Yellow Springs is considered to be  “The nicest village in Ohio”.

Samarah and I, stopped in a coffee shop to take pictures. There were two sides to the coffee house, the color schemes were gorgeous, and overall it was an artistic feel, certainly a place to sit back, chill and write.

bestfriend blog photo
DSC00751(I don’t look happy in this photo but I actually am, captured inside Spirited Goat Coffee House)

After stopping in this particular coffee house and taking photos, laughing, and being awkward we then left to venture off to see other things. (Chronicles of being Awkward Black girls). We then stopped in a shop that sold incense and seemed to cater to the (THC) crowd, smokers. Gentrifired items of Bob Marley were around, which I was temtped and always am to buy. We stopped in a record shop, and a book store. We eat subway in Yellow Springs and then headed back to Wilberforce, Ohio where we stopped at Central State University ( the only other HBCU in Ohio and the daughter school to Wilberforce University), where we worked on writing a short film.

With Saturday being full of laughter and productivity along side my bestfriend,  I brought that same energy with me into Sunday. Getting up Sunday morning and heading to the library to work on school assignments, I then went to dinner in the cafeteria and spent the rest of the day in my dorm room, where I read a little of” Tiffany Haddish “The Last Black Unicorn” , I also practiced yoga for 20 minutes and simply relaxed for the rest of the evening. My weekend was full of moments that were good for my mental health and catered to my ‘Radical self-love challenge”.  Please feel free to join me next week to take a look at my radical self-care day/weekend.

”Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.” – Oprah Winfrey



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