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‘SICCO-THE EP’ Why you should listen to this EP and check out the artist SwitchUp Talon:


Talon Sowell who, as a rapper goes by “SwitchUp Talon is a 19 year old artist from Indiana, Indianapolis.

Fall semester of my sophomore year, I remember seeing this new outgoing guy with locs and a distinctive style around campus. I than began seeing him perform spoken word at most of the open mic events held on campus. His style of delivery and ability to paint a picture and tell a story through his word play was amazing. For a while I admired his artistry from afar. He was original, and as a lover of all things pertaining to art, I appreciated that. I can say the same after listening to SICCO- the EP.

Check out our interview below:

AS: When did you begin writing?

SwitchUp Talon : I started writing for SICCO all the way back in 2016. The timeline for the actual writing process starts from when I graduated (high school) and ends 2 weeks before the actual release date.

AS: How do you go about writing your music, do you freestyle it, how does that process go for you?

Talon: I rarely freestyle. I frantically write down my thoughts on a page and pick which topics will fit the song at hand. It’s a style that I adopted from a couple of my favorite artist. It actually works!

AS: I know from having the pleasure to speak to you about your art through conversations at school that you briefly stopped making music, why is that exactly?

Talon: I stopped making music because I lost the passion for it. Also, going to school put a hold on it. I’m terrible at multitasking so I had to pick, and school won out.

AS: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Talon: As an artist I would describe myself as versatile. Really, I could make a song sound anyway I want. Also, even though I try to limit my features, the features I end up doing normally adds an extra dynamic to the song.

AS: Who are some major musical influences for you?

Talon: Tyler, the creator is easily my favorite artist. Tame Impala I would say has the biggest influence on me when it comes to my creative process. Rowdy Rebel also because of the “IDGAF” attitude he brings.

AS: With your new project ‘SICCO- the EP’, what do you want people to get from listening to it?

Talon:  I just want people to have a pleasant listening experience. I want people to have fun while listening to SICCO. I’m not looking for people to understand me or even what I was going through while making it.

I’ll save all the deep stuff for an album.

AS: What inspired you to create this EP?

Talon: Really my brother Javier begged me to get back into music.

I just wanted to create something that people could associate my name to. Something that I could be proud to show them. The music I made for the EP can be taken however you want depending on the listener. Which is exactly what I was going for; that’s how I knew it was time to be released.

AS: Does SICCO have a special meaning?

Talon: SICCO is a manifestation of how I think everyone views me on the day to day. Everyone has a SICCO inside of them you know?

It’s more of that animal instinct showed on print. That animal that everyone has inside of them is what I’m trying to get out of them while listening to SICCO.

AS: My favorite tracks on SICCO-the EP are ‘NEVER WANTED THIS/battery’, ’BACC’ and DISTORT/what up. ‘NEVER WANTED THIS/battery’, for me is smooth and soothing yet you’re spitting real sh*t. How did this track come about for you?

Talon: That track was the easiest for me to make honestly. All that hype stuff on SICCO is for my boys. I made this song for people that actually listen to music for more than a good beat. For people that care about production/sampling.

AS: I hear you mention coming out of Indy, how has growing up in Indy shaped you as an artist?

Talon: Growing up in Indy shaped how I am. It molded me into an artist. Although it does force me to be a SICCO every second of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

AS: Is there anything that we as listeners can expect from you in the near future?

Talon: Honestly, I don’t even know what to expect from myself. I know THEONEPERCENT is planning something big though. That’s what I can say.

AS: What is the Toponepercent?

Talon: T.O.P is an acronym for “ The One Percent”. T.O.P is a following created by my brother Jared Fernandez. T.O.P was created to target the actual 1% of people that have the same views as us. Our core values are easily shown all through SICCO. It’s a following/cult. Depending on who describes it.


“I’m an underrated statement, came from nothing come up short to greatness I got no time to waste it”- SwitchUp Talon

Be sure to follow SwitchUp Talon on Social media:

Instagram: switchuptalon

Click the link and listen to ‘SICCO-the EP’ below:


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