My name is A•L•L•A•H•N•A: “You will address me as such”




Advisory: “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh*t”. -Erycah Badu: If you do not like the language that I decide to use within my poetry, you DO NOT have to read. If what I say offend’s your beliefs, and you can’t back it up, keep it to yourself. Enjoy.


So I often heard the saying that names were given to slaves by their masters.

That’s why Malcom Little became Malcom X

and to show my little respect, I decided to write this poem with the thought of my ancestors in mind.

For the women who bled for me.

Cleaned white women’s homes for me.

Were quiet for me.

 Raped , beaten and abused 

for me.

Cried for me.

Sang hymns 

For me 

Who Marched 

So I could vote even though this system isn’t designed for me.

For the women who got degrees and 

 migrated to Flint, Michigan from Mississippi

with the thoughts of a better life up north.

Spent days working in General Motor factories to only one day see it all disappear.

To the women who 

got relaxers for me 

so you could get that one job.

Went natural for me 

to show how proud you were to be

you are God to me.

And God this goes out to you.

 With that being said now allow me to reintroduce myself like HOV.

My name isnt damn girl why you so quiet ? 

My name isnt baby girl 

Nigga you didn’t give birth to me.

Don’t call me little mama

I’m no ones mother. 

My name isnt hoe 

just because I decide to be a sexual being. 

My name isnt bitch

Like u.n.i.t.y who you calling that ? 

Just because I don’t respond to you 

doesn’t give you the right to call me out of my name.

My name isnt weird.

Nigga im not weird I’m just classic. 

You will never find another woman like me 

My name is Allahnastevie 


Allah meaning God is within me 

That I am the light and truth in this dark world

That God is a Black woman 

And I’m a Black woman 

I’m Godly 

I’m magic 

So Black girl magic  

I’m like voodoo

In the heart of New Orleans or Hati

My name isnt boo 

My name isnt angry Black woman 

My name isnt Black feminist 

Cause feminism wasn’t designed for the Black woman 

Call me a womanist 

As a matter of fact don’t you even utter your lips to call me girl.

Address me as a woman from now on 

Cause I’m so damn proud to be 

A woman.

With melanated skin and nappy roots filled with the knowledge of my people.

I’m so damn beautiful..

As I walk the grounds of a university 

Built by us for us .

 I am my ancestors wildest dream.

Call me a queen.

With my nappy roots as my crown.

You will look up to me.

You will respect me.

White men

Black men 

Black women

All of Humanity.

My name is Allahnastevie 


ALLAH meaning God is within me.

You will address me as such. 


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