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Caleborate ‘Real Person’: Why you should include this album on your playlist..

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Caleborate is a hip-hop artist from the Bay Area in California. Over winter break my dad put me on to his music, we were on our way to the mall and my dad casually said “check this out” . It was 4-willem, the hook was the first thing that caught my attention, as Caleborate says “Okay the sun don’t shine everyday, the money don’t last when your broke, I don’t believe in everything they say.” This artist whom I never heard of before just began spitting real sh*t. So of course I went to YouTube to learn more about Caleborate.

After listening to 4-Willem and another song with a cool video Make Me & Take Me repeatedly for like a week, I finally listened to his album Real Person. I found myself walking around campus at my HIstorically Black college, (Wilberforce University) with my ear plugs in blasting ‘Real Person’ thinking to myself “Man I have to write about this!” and so I did.


I then proceeded to watch interviews and videos of Caleborate.  I read in an article for (Caleborate Drops New Album ‘Real Person’) that Caleborate statedMy life drove me to create this album”. While listening to this album, it just makes me feel motivated. There is something relatable, helpful, and inspiring when an artist gives there all in speaking there truth. Being put on to a new artist is like receiving a gift. I also picked up from the article written about Caleborate on that he describes himself as a revolutionary.

“I say revolutionary because I’m a Gemini and I just know myself. I’m not very good at not saying what I feel.”

Caleborate’s storytelling is phenomenal and the way he paints a picture with his lyrics is quite addicting for someone who loves the art of storytelling.  My personal favorite tracks on his album ‘Real Person’ are Soul, 4- Willem, Down (feat. Donte Thomas) and Real Person. I certainly can listen to his album all the way through and just vibe. Real person by Caleborate is an album that you should definitely include on your playlist! It’s safe to say that he’s one of my new favorite artist!

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N*ggas need songs for they soul, not just lyrics they can say back” -Caleborate 

Check out the video to 4-willem on YouTube below:

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