My Top Five moments “For The Culture” this year:

The year 2017 has certainly been a year to remember. From all of the sexual allegations in Hollywood, to racism, and despite the orange man whom we are forced to call our president (Trump) having the audacity to believe that he has any sense. There have been many major wins in the culture. From Hip Hop to films and series, viral speeches and more; I’m here to share my top five moments “for the culture” from 2017:

1. Issa Rae (HBO Insecure): 

When I first learned of the show Insecure, I immediately downloaded the HBO Now app and presumed to binge watch all of the episodes of the first season. I initially learned about the series (Insecure), while watching a Breakfast Club interview with Issa Rae. 

I was intrigued to see an awkward, natural, Senegalese woman, who was pursuing her dreams. I watched the first season and fell in love. This comedy/drama series, had everyone talking on social media and on campus, at work, home, etc. The series premiered in September , 2016 and the second season premiered in 2017. Issa Rae gave an unapologetic approach of two young best friends living life, through romance and lack there of , to finances and careers. Insecure was very relatable and it deserved all of the recognition it has received. 

2. Hidden Figures 

Growing up I always knew that there would  be something within my history as an African American woman that I simply would have to dig and find out on my own. Yet when the film Hidden Figures began to receive attention and I saw my first preview, I simply was in awe. A film based on a true story of three Black women who had a major impact on sending the first man to the moon. Hidden Figures tells the incredible untold story of Katherine Jonson whom was played by Taraji P. Henson, Dorothy Vaughan whom was played by Octavia Spencer, and Mary Jackson who was played by Janelle Monae. These three brilliant African-American women working at NASA, served as the brains behind the launch into orbit of astronaut John Glenn. 

These women broke barriers, sparked new conversations, and most importantly inspired all young women of different ethnicities that woman can be at the for front. Another special plus about the film Hidden Figures that resonated for me as a young Black woman attending a Historically Black College(HBCU) was that Dorothy Vaughan, attended and graduated from the first private HBCU in the nation, Wilberforce University; where I currently attend. That in itself gave many students like myself a sense of empowerment. 

3. Tiffany Haddish (Making history)

The come up of a phenomenal woman. Tiffany Haddish. I first learned about Tiffany Haddish while watching a Breakfast Club interview, and her story that she shared was simply amazing. It made me cry, it motivated me, and most importantly it made me smile. Tiffany Haddish does a great job with that. She starred in one of the best comedy films this year (Girls Trip), and she released an autobiography “The Last Black Unicorn”,

all while making  history by being the first African American Woman who is a comedian to host SNL (Saturday Night Live). 

4. Maxine Waters  (Reclaiming My Time) 

Maxine Waters is a queen honey! She currently serves as the U.S Represenitive for California’s 43rd congressional district, she has served in congress since 1991. Maxine Waters recently became viral and received more recognition for her work when millineals embraced her as she continuously throws much needed shade at president Trump. She is an unapologetic strong Black woman, whom will surely go down in history as such. The 2017 moment for the culture to remember with Maxine Waters is her viral clip and meme of her refusing to be interrupted during a House Financial Service Commmittee meeting, when she repeatly stated “Reclaming my time”.

5. Amanda Seales(Calling out White Privilege)

Amanda Seales, a comedian, actress, and activist in her own right. She has written multiple shows, is a character in the series Insecure, and continues to shed light and spread knowledge through her popular instagram videos as well as traveling and talking to college students. A viral moment, for the culture that happened this year, was when Amanda Seales kept it real with Caitlyn Jenner during a live streamed filmed dinner (Dinner with Discourse). Amanda Seales exspressed to Catitlyn how her life in America as a Black woman differs from life in America for Caitlyn. Jenner responded to some things that Seales said with “I believe in this country”, which Seales responded with:

  “You can say that in a way that I cannot because you’ve had a different experience, because this country is here for you. This country ain’t here for me in the same way, sis. It isn’t and you, as a trans person, have to also identify the fact that this country hasn’t been here for trans until like, maybe, 2 o’clock today.”

“We are the women who marched from cotton fields to fields of medicine to entertainment and the White House” – Jada Pinkett Smith

Here are a few of my top favorite moments in 2017 that were for culture. What are some of yours ? 

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