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LKTONIO: Michigan’s Next Big Artist: 

LKTONIO is a hip hop artist from the city of Flint, Michigan. 

I originally became a fan of LKTONIO’s music during my sophomore year of college. Many of the tracks on his EP Phone-Mag®️ were relatable at the time. As a lover of hip hop, and the art of storytelling,  I naturally fell in love with the way LKTONIO lyrics visually took me on a ride. After listening to Phone-Mag®️ I’ve followed LKTONIO as an artist ever since. His artistry is very unique. You can’t put a label to his style of delivery. With a flow like no other, and as a fellow resident of Flint, it was an honor to reach out to LKTONIO for an interview. Here it is below: 

 Allahnastevie: How did you come up with your name “LKTONIO” ? 

LKTONIO:  Growing up in the church my favorite book in the Bible was proverbs. It talks about wisdom and knowledge, and that’s what the “K” in LKTONIO stands for (knowledge). The knowledge of everything. I feel like you should just generally take the Bible as a guide, that’s basically what it is. 

AS: How has growing up in the city of Flint affected who you are as an artist ? 

LK: I feel like it has had some affect in every way. Flint just gives you that different type of grind. It’s a different type of grind here, a different type of struggle, it’s an entirely different kind of life here. There is no place like it.

If you can make it in Flint, you can make it anywhere. This place does something to you, it puts a flame in your eyes so to speak, or a fire in your desire, it just gives you that hunger that you need to conquer the world. 

AS: What does being an artist mean to you? 

LK: Being an artist means being able to use my voice, I’m able to get my story heard. It’s my self- exspression. It isn’t a hobby for me, it’s my job at this point. It’s what I do, it’s who I am, you can’t turn this off. I’m an artist 24/7.

AS: It seems that you have such a deep love for the city of Flint, why is that ? 

LK: I know there are days where people are like “I don’t want to be here”, some people never leave. Some people die in this b**** . So many people have died here. I get real love in and outside of the streets, by just being who I am. 

AS: What are some things you wish you could change throughout the city of Flint, or just in general, and how do you plan to ? 

LK: To change the world we have to change ourselves right ? That’s where it starts. Rest In Peace to my “papa”, his favorite song was Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson. You have to start with yourself first.

AS: How have you been bettering yourself ?

LK: Doing what I do, lots of drugs, everyday.. hard drugs (laughter) .

AS: So do you promote drugs ? 

LK:  F***  yeah.. no I don’t promote drugs, but we f*** with them sometimes,  I promote the good things in life.

AS: when did you first realize that music was your passion, when did you start creating music ? 

LK: I probably wrote my first song at the age of eleven. I’ve been rapping and singing forever. I use to just rap and freestyle, and my dad saw that, and so he would push me to do it whenever the opportunity presented itself. It wasn’t a force, because he saw that I loved it. When you see something in your kid, you have to nurture and grow that. You have to want to see that grow in your child, and that in return is the passion, that growth of passion in you more and more everyday.  

The more you do it, it’s like building a relationship with your passion, and in doing that you’re getting to know yourself. It’s like an open heart surgery.. you feel me ? Like you’re pouring and bleeding into these lines, you are putting your soul and your spirit and heart into this. 

AS: What keeps you motivated and grounded to continue to chase after your dreams ? 

LK: The success I’ve been seeing from it. Different things, look at how far we’ve came, and we’re just getting started. My videographer, my brothers.. the team.

AS: Who are some of your musical influences ? 

LK: Wayne, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Diddy,  DMX, Biggie, Tupac of course. I F*** with Rob Banks too, Rich The Kid and K2SG. I feel that we all influence each other in a sense.    

Life influences us, and we all live life right? So we’re all in the city.. living through this shit. We’re all experiencing life. 
AS: What’s the process like for you when creating your music, does it just come to you ? 

LK: Instantly. I can hear a beat that I’ve never heard before and just go. Especially if I like the beat, it just comes to me. Sometimes I might even dream about them, wake up, and get to working on it. 

AS: What do you hope to accomplish with your music ? 

LK: I just want a long time line of music. I want to make like… Gucci Mane, Wayne , Jay-Z , Eminem.. like that type of longevity. Just to have such a long resume, I want to give people an entire life time of music, like I want someone to hear my shit, and be like “Damn I remember when this came out!”, but I’ll still be going. 

AS: When you decided to release seven tracks on 7/11 did that have some type of meaning and or message behind it ? 

(Raw demo version, fans can expect a fully mastered version to hit iTunes this 7/11)

LK: I was suppose to release 7- Eleven ® in the year 2015. It’s been done. I have so much music, I’m catching things up in 2018. 

AS: One of my favorite tracks from 7- Eleven® is tha’ silence, I feel a lot of emotion what does that track mean to you, how did it come about ? 

LK: I was going through some beats, the producer of that track, memory cards. And I was going through the catalogue, and I was just like “damn this shit sounds sweet”, and it happened. Sometimes there will be patches in my songs, my lyrics will come to me at different times, and l let my brain fill it in. 

AS: What can we expect from LKTONIO in the near future? 

LK:  You can expect LKV2 StarScreme, and a second single and a visual for “Roxanne“. Also be on the look out for HXLiOS, an artist, engineer and producer who has an EP coming soon   “ABH” and OB who’s also an engineer, artist and producer with an album coming out soon “WOTW“.  We will have webisodes dropping, shout out to Lil 4K. 

Here are LKTONIO’s first two mixtapes LKv1 and  Gods Don’t Sleep below:

LKv1- Link:

Gods Don’t Sleep- Link:

Be sure to listen to Phone-Mag®️, the original release and  the “Bonus Cloud” release: Link Below


Click the link below and listen to 7-Eleven (raw demo version): 

Be sure to check out LKTONIO’S latest release of a compilation mix of unreleased tracks-(((.THA’LEAK.®)))2o34o® pronounced (twenty. Thirty. forty.®️

 Follow LKTONIO on all social media platforms: 

Twitter: @LKTonio  Instagram:@_lktonio

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