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Lik 1w@¥: An up and coming lyrical genius:

Lik 1w@¥ is a 22 year old rapper from the city of Columbus, Ohio. I initally had the pleasure of hearing and seeing Lik 1w@¥ perform at  Wilberforce University, where we both attend, during a school event. I fell in love with his flow instantly, with metaphors and lyrics that gave me a Nas or J Cole vibe, because of how lyrically profound he is, and his ability to paint a picture while sharing a message through his lyrics. Being the hip hop head that I am, I had to hear more. I began checking out his music on SoundCloud and other platforms, and felt compelled to reach out to Lik 1w@¥ for an interview, to learn more about him as an artist.

Allahnastevie: How did you come up with your name? 

Lik 1w@¥: The name Lik 1w@¥ comes from a few places. When I decided to start rapping I was struggling to find an artist name that didn’t come off as a joke, I wanted to be taken seriously. My good friend Darrion “Plump” Riddle kicked some game to me one day and gave me the ideology behind “1w@¥” and it stuck with me from that moment. Also, most of the streets surrounding the street I grew up on were one way streets!  

The ideology behind “1w@¥” is that everybody’s destination, goals, or purposes in life are different, but the common threads in all successes are hard work, staying focused, and doing right by your people who elevate you! 

AS: When listening to your music, your lyrics often make me reflect. It’s as if you are telling a story, while allowing a listener to vibe in a thought provoking way. Would you consider yourself to be a conscious rapper and or lyricist? 

Lik 1w@¥: The origins of music is a form of storytelling. That includes every genre of music, but especially in hip hop. I believe it’s every artist’s goal to provoke a thought, feeling, emotion, or action through their music it’s what gives the music/art its value! I would consider myself an artist that is both conscious and a lyricist but I believe the evaluation or reception is open to the listener’s interpretation.

AS: One of my personal favorite tracks of yours  is selling dreams, it’s beautiful .. what does that song mean to you ? Where did it come from ? 

Lik 1w@¥: Well thank you, I appreciate it! The concept of the song is just about how society tells us we can be anything we want to be and that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to but those same people are the ones who put the obstacles in our way in the form of systematic oppression, But also we sell dreams to each other. I might make a young lady feel like she’s my everything by the way I treat her and the things I do to her and for her but at the end of the day I might not really plan on making her my wife or spending forever with her. So society is ‘Selling Dreams’ and we as individuals are ‘Selling Dreams’.

AS: What inspired you to initially start writing and making music ? 

Lik 1w@y: I’ve always been a lover of music and always had a good ear for it. I’ve always relied on music to help me through my lows and music has always captured my high moments. One day I woke up and told myself that I have a message to share, a story to tell, that someone needs to hear. In my mind this is the best way to reach them and share my story. Hopefully it will help someone the way music has helped me!

AS: What inspires you to continue to create music..what drives you ? 

 Lik 1w@¥: Rap or hip hop is like a sport in the sense that there is a competitive side to it. For me, it is natural to compete and want to be the best at anything I put my time, energy, and effort to. So I would say the thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that if I work hard enough, study hard enough, one day I will have a chance to be one of the best rappers ever, one of the best rhythmic storytellers to have an impact on society of all time. My name, legacy, and impact will live on forever!

FullSizeRenderAs an artist , what do you hope to accomplish? What will be Lik 1w@¥’s lasting impact on this world through his music ? 

 Lik 1w@¥: I want everything that every artist wants. I want the platinum plaques, the top charting songs and albums. I want to be recognized as one if the best rappers ever. Most importantly, I want to be appreciated and recognized as someone who made an impact and established a legacy that lives on for the rest of mankind. I want my music to be played and help uplift the people long after my children’s children are gone.

AS: So you have music on SoundCloud, as well as on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and more featured on the Sony EDMG freshman compilation volume 1 album, what can people expect from Lik 1wa¥ in the near future ?

 Lik 1w@¥: Yes ma’am, shoutout to EDMG/ Sony/ TheOrchardfor enabling me to release my music on a global platform. In the near future people can just expect great music and the opportunity to grow with me in my journey!

AS: If Lik 1w@¥: could tell a young kid coming up in your city (Columbus ,Ohio) who is inspired by you as an artist .. what would be your word of encouragement or advice to them ? 

Lik 1w@¥: I would tell them to say true to themselves, and to never give up because they feel defeated or because someone else doesn’t see their vision. You only get one life to live, why not spend it pursuing the things you truly desire?! 

lil1way blog“Ima shine, shine without permission, get it by any means cause nothing’s ever given”-Lik 1w@y 

Check out some of Lik 1w@¥’s music on SoundCloud:

Listen to Lik 1w@¥ on ITunes/Applemusic:

And make sure to follow Lik 1w@¥ on all social media platforms: @Lik1way

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