Poetry · Self- Love

A Black woman’s daily Affirmation: 

I am love.

I am existing.

I am persevering.

I am Black.

I am Black girl magic.

I’m so magical.

I’m like a majestic queen.

I’m like having a dream in the heart of New Orleans.

I am royalty.

More like Queen Latifah,

More like Nefertiti,

I am equal.

I am glistening.

I am The Color Purple.

I’m like a novel…..See,

Each page of my life is a sight mystery worth unraveling.

I’m like a dove flying,

Cause I’m free.

I am joy,

I am laughter,

I am triumph.

I am surpassing any and every threat that crept up in the darkness of night,

Telling me to give up.

Telling me to believe that death was the only option.

I am water,

I am a necessity,

I am fueled.

I am resisting arrest to negative energy.

I am the epitome of delivery.

Delivery from a system trying to keep me hostage with medication that numbs me on a daily.

I am feeling.

I am shining.

I am growing…

Into this woman

That is optimistic

For what’s to come.

I am power,

I am powerful,

I am selfish in this approach to breathing.

I am breath,

I am sky,

I am wind.

I am defying all odds.

I am Black,

I am ancestors,

I am woman,

I am here.

4 thoughts on “A Black woman’s daily Affirmation: 

  1. I am saying i really enjoy reading your writings Allahnas they very inspirational keep up the good work my prayers are with you….Love you!


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