Free Write · Poetry

High Cheek Bones, Red Undertones.. Queen. 

I say damn girl…look at those soulful and painful eyes of yours.


Your sharp bone structure, and high cheek bones. 

Red undertones. 

I said look girl.

Brown skin that glistens underneath the sun.

Breast that sit up, perked to perfection in all its imperfections. 

Slim figure havin…

Red lipstick wearin…

Nas listenin…

Poem lovin…

Abundance of a magnificent woman to be.

I say damn girl 

Just take a look at yourself ! 

Don’t you dare fret over no man, or lack there of. 


Don’t you dare neglect the power you possess.

Respect…   yourself. 

Love…   yourself.

And remember who you be. 

You be that girl always reading,

Always pushing… 

Always writing…

Forever fighting those internal demons…

Crying…tears of pain and sorrow, joy in the hopes of a better tomorrow.

Girl you be exsisting.

But Ima neeed for you to start living. 

Like…really living, 

For the struggles that plague you.

Are for a reason..

And dammit girl, it’s your season, 

With yo weird self…

You’re beautiful. 


Like the leaves in autumn, 


In love with every color, every flaw, every texture of your nappy soul.. .

Fall in love with yourself…

And be.

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