Dear Black Girl Smile..

Hey Black Girl, 


You right there.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Now you hear me? 

 I know..

I know it’s hard for colored girls like us..

We.. we be them colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf..

   I know..

It be hard for colored girls like us..

Carrying the weight of your ancestors on your back..

Hearin em speak..

Trying to understand why they chose you to be..

To.. be the one to break..

Generational curses..

    I know girl 

You want to just breathe..

You imagine yourself living so freely..

Instead it seems that the air is filled with this painful mystery.. 

     I know girl.. 

it’s like you exsisting  but you ain’t living right ? 

I know you be tired of putting up a fight..

Breathing seems heavy..

Joy seems so far..

But I.. see l be ya inner conscience tellin you to keep goin..

I be that ancestor of yours..

Running through your veins..

I be peace..

I be light.. 

I be clarity..

I’ reckon I be here to let you know everything gone be alright..

So what Ima need from you is for you to smile..

When ya feelin heavy..

When ya feelin small..

When the words simply won’t come out at all..


For me..


Beautiful Black, colored chile..

Ya Ancestors down yonder..

We lookin down.. 

And chile we just wanna see you smile. 

Now gone head girl, gone and open them

Soulful eyes for me..

and don’t you dare look down.

2 thoughts on “Dear Black Girl Smile..

  1. Allahnah this is a beautiful poem. I love it and I am going to read it to my grandchildren the next time they stay over. So soulful….you keep smiling God got you! Laura Rahmaad

    Liked by 1 person

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