Poetry: The Soul is the Self..

That girl looks in the mirror closes her eyes and begins to think..

That The soul is the self and the self is the soul..

So who that girl be?

Like girl see these broken wings, 

They were meant to fly 

But… that Black girl always been so shy

Yet that girl can be so fly  

But that girl always be compromising 

For eyes other than her own.

If the soul is the self and the self is the soul..

And soul is the depth of everything..

Is she her thoughts? 

Certainly not like Ms. Badu.

And as she searches for food for thought 

To be the engine to her comprehension like De La Soul.

Badus melody enters her brain chemistry

And it sounds like peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned.

And Every lesson learned.

Is she what she learns? 

Question to the most high.

When is the end to all oppression? 

Often reflecting on her history 

And her soulful ancestors who were mourned once wondering  the same thing.

such as Malcom and Maya

And Baldwin and Nina Simone 

These beautiful souls filled with

Optimism, self expression, depression,  love, and soul, 

Cause the soul is the self and the self is the soul.


See at times that Black girl she be lost

She be lost in them trace of thoughts

Wondering why God be givin her visions of a life worth livin..

When all that girl seems to know is misery. 

Kinda Like that girl got some kind of chemistry with all things undesirable in her brain 

A brain compromised by a system promising a fix with side affects..

Never thought that shit like this actually exsisted 

Perspectives became twisted 

Imagining how her grandfathers had when he was drafted into the Vietnam war 

Realizing at the age of 18 that he was getting ready to fight a white mans war

But she just like he.. 

Been refusing to let them take her mind away, day by day..  

For her dreams and visions be keeping her going.

For the soul is the self and the self is the soul

So deep down every vision and dream must be apart of whom she is supposed to be.

So see She looks in the mirror and says “Girl, them broken wings were meant to fly”.. 

But that black girl always been so shy.

And that girl always wondering why 

Why if they say her eyes and soul is so beautiful 

She facing the unusual everyday ?

Seems to have often Opened her legs trying to fill a void 

Cause that girl , be wanting the kissing and caressing to be apart in ending all of the confusion and disillusions, of beauty and self.

She just be praying that younger Black women like herself would start to realize that compromising and disguising ain’t no form of self help.

Like even tho ain’t nothing wrong with a little love and affection 

Life is merely all about perception.

would prefer mind sex

Like an 

Intellectual connection

mind over matter 

A verbal walk

But in the past seems to have often opened her legs to a nigga that she could never open her sense of mentality to.

 Could never  share dreams or aspirations.

Just ass and the after math like Dr Dre, and although she’s heard the saying life’s like an equation she’s too tired to attempt to solve that shit 

But in a glimpse she thinks to herself that 

the soul is the self and the self is the soul 

And surely baby girl your self worth can’t be measured.

So treasure that gold you posses between your thighs and in your mind.. and simply in time

Unwind and love thy self unconditionally.

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