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Earl The Poet: Metaphors, and imagery rooted in pain: A poet on a mission..

Earl The Poet, a beautiful 20 year old poet from Houston, Texas, currently attending Huston Tillotson University, a historically Black college in Austin Texas. With Metaphors, and a powerful delievery, that leaves listeners and viewers touched, motivated and or inspired, Earl The Poet is a poet whom should be heard world wide. As a fan of Earl The Poet’s poetry, I recently reached out to her for an interview, to know more about her, the artist. Here is our interview:

Allahnastevie: “I recently became a fan of your spoken word poetry last year when I came across one of your videos on twitter. Every word, every metaphor, the way you present your poetry.. the confidence and vulnerability, touches and inspires me. I think it’s beautiful how someone from across the country can be inspired by words and delivery, by art.”

Earl The Poet: “I want to start off by saying my heart is warm from your welcome! And I’m glad that my poetry touched you half way across the world.” 

How did you come up with the name Earl The Poet? 

Earl The Poet: “I came up with the name “Earl the Poet” because Earl roots from my real name which is Earlyssa. And of course I just added “The poet” to it.. I like the tricky twist it gives the audience, because most people are expecting a guy to come out when Earl the poet is called to the stage & then WALLA!!!! You get me, haha.”

What made you want to share your poetry in the way that you do? 

Earl The Poet: “I’ve been doing this since elementary, I got really serious about it in high school tho, I felt that God made this my purpose on Earth. To heal, to be that voice, to be that inspiration to others.”

-How do you come up with topics to write about? Do they stem from real life situations? What inspires you? 

Earl The Poet: “Great question, often times I get asked what inspires me and the first thing that comes to mind is paineven if I’ve never felt the pain from that specific topic personally, I do my research, I ask other people, and then I write.”

I saw you say something about being an advocate or voice for mental health , how did that come about for you? 

Earl The Poet : “I can proudly say I’m a mental illness advocate… okay, this is about to get a little personal so bare with me… but I know how it feels to battle depression daily, to be suicidal, to see your mom not get out of bed because of depression, to see other people laugh & joke about something that’s literally trying to KILL you. It’s not funny, it’s never been funny, and it’s always been personal.  

“I want any, and everyone I come across to know, I stand firm in saying I’m here, whenever you need me. I’m no doctor or anything but I’ll love the hell out of a stranger, you never know.. before you showed you cared, that could’ve been the night suicide worked for them.”

What does being a poet and or artist mean for you? 

Earlthepoet: “As Erykah Badu once said “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.” I’m the same way, haha. Being an artist to me is choosing to be transparent and vulnerable. Also free. It means you’re choosing to create art in a world full of caged people.”

What are some things that you hope to accomplish through your art? 

Earlthepoet: “Ironically, I’ve been talking to God about this, I’m not fully sure at the moment. I don’t want to set bars too low for myself, I feel like God is just getting started with me. I just pray I inspire people on the way! “

-As a young Black woman in America, as a young Black woman whom happens to be an artist, how does that make you feel? Does it inspire or motivate you more ? Do you feel as if you have a message to get across? 

Earlthepoet: “Being born black has to be a very bittersweet thing. Here I am in a world full of people who are projected to hate me, my heart, and who I am just solely based off of my skin color. Opportunities are harder to get, you have to work twice as hard as anyone you are competing against to show you are even worthy of sitting at the same table as them. So yes I have a message to get across… “Yes, I’m black. Yes, I’m a woman & NO I wouldn’t have it any other way.” And overall, at the end of the day I can scream: “I’M BLACK & I’M PROUD!!”

Who are some poets/artist that inspire you ? 

Earlthepoet: “Hands down, Maya Angelou. Ha very predictable right? No. I’ve been admiring her since the fourth grade. I had to memorize “phenomenal woman” for a black history program and I haven’t been the same girl since. My heart breaks at the thought of never getting to meet her now.”

-I saw recently that you began putting out poetry in different forms everyday for the month of July, how did that idea come about ? 

Earlthepoet: “The idea to post different forms of poetry every day in July was because I hadn’t been giving my fan base any poetry, and although I wasn’t consistent at all with the idea, it sure was a great one.”

What are some things that you want people to know about Earlthepoet? What should we look out for or look forward to from you in the future? 

Earlthepoet: “I want people to know who I am and what I stand for. I’m a 20 year old girl from Houston, Texas still finding myself, and on the quest to self love, and acceptance, but in the process of doing that I’m very open. I don’t hide my pain at all, because I’m not gonna hide my joy. I am the same person on and off social media. I genuinely love people, and whether I know you personally or not, hit me up if you need someone, I’ll be that someone. I am the voice for the speechless. Some projects I have in the works are, doing a pop up poetry tour & dropping an EP sometimes this fall.. stay tuned!”

An inspiration, thank you, Earl The Poet for this interview. Continue to touch, heal and inspire through your art, the world is here for it! 

Check out a video of Earl The Poet’s poetry below: 

​ ​

You can’t use up creativity, the more you use the more you have” – Maya Angelou 

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