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What I learned as a writer in attempting to write a recap article for a concert: 

Sometime last month I was given the opportunity to write a recap article for a concert. Little did I know, it would take much more than sitting back and observing, and then writing about the experience. OG MACO with Evan the Twerkgod live in concert Recap: 

Lesson #1: For an event such as this one, I should have done more research on every artist performing, host, DJ’s, etc. (Research is key).

Lesson#2:  I should have attempted to speak to the artist and or ask questions.

Lesson #3: Leave your insercurites at the door, stay focused on what you came to do, and if your going to have a drink (granted it was a party), be responsible. 

Also confidence is key, in writing this article I realized that I wasn’t confident in what I was writing, part of me knew it could have been better.. I knew that it was lacking in areas.  Which leads me to 

Lesson#4:  As a writer I have to learn how to distinguish between writing and making it about me and my point of view with stepping outside of my comfortabilty and style of writing to focus on just the event and or subject. ( there was too much of Allahna in the article)

Lesson#5: Present myself as a professional with communication skills.

Below is the recap article I wrote:  

With OG MACO and Evan the Twerkgod headlining the concert this past Friday night at Club Reign in Detroit, I was gleeful and also nervous to write about the experience. When I first arrived I saw a line, full of people ready to have fun. As someone who usually doesn’t enjoy the typical party atmosphere, and for my first time attending a concert of this stature, I have to say I really enjoyed myself. Being the wall flower that I am, I observed everything, and overall had a great time. The crowd was really diverse, I saw people of different walks of life reminding me of how universal music really is, and how the power of music brings people together. The host and DJ were getting the crowd hype before different artist hit the stage. Every artist did an amazing job with engaging and getting the crowd even more lit than they already were. Music enacts a feeling of freedom. It was a night of unforgettable fun. By the time that Pro Preme and Kitty Kvsh hit the stage, the crowd was pretty much full of energy. I thought it was pretty cool how Kitty Kvsh brought a fun confident women’s presence, in a male dominated setting. Fast forward to B- free and his performance, which was so dope. He had me intrigued with every word he was saying. As a fan of lyricism and storytelling with his introduction, and the positive vibes he brought along with him, he was by far one of my favorite artists to hit the stage that night. He took us on a journey through his lyrics, of real life events. With the crowd chanting “Cops pulled me over with a MF Strap on my back.” I instantly thought of how relatable and extremely amazing it is , how artist can turn negative or semi painful experiences and make them so positive and easy to turn up to. While every artist I heard were new to me, the people there in the crowd seemed to know each one. Something that stuck out to me that B-free said was “the moment I stepped foot in this building we became family”, ensuring all positive, fun, and care-free vibes. I watched how the crowd’s energy bounced off of one another. Then there came the performance before the anticipation of every one waiting for Evan the Twerkgod to hit the stage. When he finally did, Evan the Twerkgod brought a lot of energy, and had a great sense of humor which transported into the crowd. His stage presence had me anticipating what he would do next. I personally couldn’t stop laughing, when he brought a guy on stage that didn’t seem lit enough, and had a girl twerk on him. He passed out condoms and Piranha gang t- shirts, he was funny and cool as hell. With chants from the crowd such as “Credit cards through her ass cheeks”, and “Dirty when I’m thirty” after asking “How many of yall gone be Millionaires before your thirty”? The crowd all cheered and agreed in unison. He then went on to perform Freetwerkhotel, with artist B-free and Hotel, which he mentioned was the first time they performed the song, which was dope. When OGMACO performed, he was extremely lit. He had a deep concern for the Kids in the crowd. Not only did he turn up, but he also gave away a lot of good advice. He showed his concern, by just being a solid humble honest individual. He jumped into the crowd after the show and talked to each and every person, he was just real. Overall the concert was an unforgettable experience, and a night full of lit, positive vibes and energy making me want to step outside of my typical wall flower presence. It was amazing.

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