Creating · Growth · Self- Love

Turning 20: On a journey of Self- love, discovery, and being  a creator inevitably. 

I think we all have this idea of where we see ourselves at a certain age. Personally, I know that I have a lot of growing to do. The idea of entering this phase of women hood.. is beautiful yet scary, as I long to be this all around confident, strong, young Black woman. Already withholding the characteristics of being resilent. At twenty I pictured myself loving everything about me, being comfortable with just me, stepping out of my element of being this extremely shy young woman, and flourishing inevitably. While I’m slowly getting there everyday, I still lack in a lot of areas. I’ve become more spiritual. Loving everything about nature, having my own connection with that higher being, etc. I’ve also realized what my purpose is in life which is to create. Having this immense passion for writing: scripts, books, poetry, etc Creating films.. The idea of stepping outside of myself to create, leaving reality behind is beautiful to me. Looking to writers such as Alice Walker , whom helped in shaping me into this creator that I am today. As I often say, I plan on changing and inspiring young women through my writing, the way Alice Walker has for me. When I write I notice that I can be extremely vulnerable, which I’ve come to accept. For writing is truth. Writing is love. Writing is all I have. I’m extremely grateful to have made it to this point. While I’m on this journey of self love and discovery .. I plan on diving deep into the practice of yoga and meditation, being more present and in tune with self, I plan on creating and developing all the skills I need in order to create, as well as developing habits of everything it takes to love myself unconditionally. I plan on writing through my experiences, of discovering, creating, and loving me. Wishing myself a Happy Birtday! 

“We can tell them that on the day that we love ourselves and believe we deserve our own love we become as free as any earth beings can every be” – Alice Walker 

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