“That’s me, Ms. 20 Something”

Sza album CTRL which was released June 9th, under Top Dog Entertainment, is an album in my opinion that every women in their 20s can relate to. I haven’t been a fan of SZA for long, but after watching an interview of her on one of my favorite radio shows ” The Breakfast Club” , and then listening to her album 2 days later, I easily became one. New or old, a fan is a fan.  Granted I have listened to “Z” which was released in 2014, While listening to CTRL there is a sense of freedom, self doubt and or questioning, love or lack there of, fun, and sexual freedom. Music is a form of therapy and mostly every song on the album is relatable or simply enjoyable. After watching her interview on” The Breakfast Club” and  hearing her talk about what it took to create the album, what it means to her, personal facts about herself, and seeing how free she was,  I thought “she’s dope“. I’ve always adored Sza’s fashion, her hair, simply how authentic she is. 

I have a few favorite songs from the album which are: Supermodel, Doves in the wind, Drew Barrymore, Broken clocks, Normal girl, and lastly 20 something

Although I can listen to the entire album all the way through! 

It seems that all of these tracks have something in common, which is a girl figuring something out, solving something or attempting to about herself. All beautiful stories , with a meaning behind them. It can be hidden but it’s there.  Rather it’s questioning and realizing what you deserve from a guy, or the insecurities a women feels, from seeking attention, to feeling the need to shave your legs, or being this perfect “normal girl, to Sexual freedom, self love , and not conforming into the ways of what a “young women” is supposed to be according to society. Sza’s album CTRL is definitely an anthem for all women in their “20 somethings” and I love it! It’s an album of personal evolution.

Eternally repeating that cycle of death and rebirth, an exsistence such as this… truly, mine is what may be called a “perfect exsistence” ~ Sza

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