Black women · Flint · millennials · Self- Love

“Young women of Flint creating and shaping their own success stories” 

With Flint recently being in news coverage around the world for the major water crisis that is still going on to this day, or high murder rates, poverty, etc. What does not make mass media coverage are the hidden talents and gems, growing and blossoming within the city of Flint. It is my personal belief that Black woman make the world go round, for we create and shape generations after generations, and with thanks to our great grandmothers and their mothers, to ours, there then comes the young Black women  of our generation, what we call millennials. I took it upon myself to interview different young ladies from the city of Flint. Women with their own idea of success, of freedom, of wealth, health. Women who are shaping their lives, taking action. Transforming, overcoming and becoming. Young Black women with different perspectives and stories. We don’t see enough positivity associated with our city let alone Black women in a positive light outside of actresses, athletes, etc.  Here I am attempting to change this, starting small. I took it upon myself to reach out to different young women of Flint. I asked them a variety of different questions associated with being a young woman, whom happens to be from the city of Flint. In spite of these women’s different journies; they all have one thing in common. They are all Black women, and they are all from the city of Flint. I decided to create a series out of the interviews with these beautiful young ladies. “Young Black women of Flint creating their own success stories”. 

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise” ~ W.E.B DUBOIS

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