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What I long to understand about the city of Flint.

Like many other inner cities in America, Flint has a problem of high murder and poverty rates, lack there of in the education system and now famously the water crisis. (Environmental Racism).  It is as if genocide is happening right in front of us. Although I grew up in the city of Flint, I am naive to a lot of issues rooted deeper than what the average can understand. A lot of the problems within the city of Flint never affected me. Slowly approaching 20, I think of the statement my grandfather has often said to me “the older you get the more you realize what you don’t know .” 

 Always blessed to travel outside of Flint, and often times kept busy with extra curricular activities, I didn’t even realize what was happening around me, I was sheltered coming up. During my freshman year of college when I saw Flint on the news for the water crisis, I thought “damn” but didn’t even see the bigger picture of how it would affect residents in the long run. Two years later I can’t help but think about my 8 year old sister and all of the other children growing up in the midst of the water crisis, and how normalized it has become for them. I can’t help but think about people, who have no choice but to stay here, folks who are forced to pay water bills for something that they can’t use, or of mothers grieving over the loss of their children, young men being a product of a “crooked” system, being locked up and experiencing “the new Jim Crow” for many differnt reasons, or the mentally ill, not being treated as they should. What is Flint ? Often seeing the hash tag “pray for my city” , has me thinking does prayer work? 

Where is love? Why so much hate? Where is support of one another ? It’s here. It’s home. It’s just not something that is publized. How come the light within the city isn’t showed enough ? How can folks with all the power simply sit up and watch the city slowly deteriorate? All of these questions that I need answers to for my own selfish reasons, inspired me to begin writing and digging deep into different topics associated with the city of Flint. Planning to reach out and get different perspectives from people of Flint from the elderly to the millineals, artist, women, men.

 ” Flint Series”. My first piece of work will be 

” Woman of Flint, shaping and creating their own success stories.”

Over coming and becoming. Stages. Home. Flint. 

2 thoughts on “What I long to understand about the city of Flint.

  1. Nice post! I agree that issues are often so complex and the root cause goes so deep that it isn’t until later that we begin to see the ramifications.

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