The World is Yours Baby

I have a confession, I think that I may be in love with Nas!

My love started out at an early age.  I remember days as a little girl riding around the city with my dad and him constantly playing Cameron, Juelz Santana, Jay Z and Nas. Years later Nas would stand out to me. The songs that my dad played specially for me, that had me cheesing with excitement were “Me and You”, and ” I can”. Even then as a little girl, his lyrics made me feel, touching me, with lyrics like “ Daddy’s little girl ill give you the world”  and ” I know I can be what I wanna be, if I work hard at it ill be where I wanna be”   I believed every word!

I didn’t know the phenomenon I was listening to at the time, but trust me years later I would appreciate him in more ways than one. When I say I am in love with Nas, I mean his being, his story, his mental, his capability of taking me on rides through his art, his story telling. The power of lyrics and music is so amazing, it a have you getting through pain, motivated, or falling in love. I fell in love with Nas and his lyricism during High school.

Its when I first discovered Illmatic. I was proud to know every word  to “It Aint Hard to tell” . For the record I know that I am in NO way shape or form, a Hip- Hop genius or anything, but I do believe that it is safe to say that Nas is one of the top lyricist of all times. His album Illmatic is considered to be one of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever. I have felt every emotion while listening to Nas, cause “poetry that’s apart of me” right? Right. HA!  I mean did you not see his powerful message to the “shorty” during the bench scene in the classic movie Belly?  One Love. Or being distant relatives with Damien Marley? How can one not love this man? His “poetry deep, he never fails”.                                                                           

        “Nas is like, half man half amazing”.


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