Self- Love

The Idea of Self -Love


Every woman goes through the phase of coming to terms with what it means to love their selves unconditionally.  Personally this is something that I still struggle with.  Self love is the first last and best love indeed, yet what is it exactly? I imagine its when a women knows her worth, its when she is confident in everything that she does. I think of woman such as Phylicia Rashad, Angela Davis, Janelle Monae, Alice walker, Taraji P. Henson, or Viola Davis. Women who seem to have it all.  Beauty, intelligence, talent, and success. How does one love thy self unconditionally?  It seems that Black woman have to go through so many barriers in order to reach the ultimate form of self love. Rather it be embracing our hair, to having the perfect body, to how we are portrayed in media. Slowly approaching 20, I sit back and wonder if there is an ideal age as to where a women loves herself and knows her self worth? This will be an ongoing discussion and topic through different forums on this blog, for I myself am on a journey of self love and discovery. What is your idea of self love?

3 thoughts on “The Idea of Self -Love

  1. My idea of self love is when you find God within you. When you appreciate every up and down you have experienced, understanding that it brings you balance and beauty. Self love is when you are your own best friend. Admitting to yourself when you are wrong and when you are right . Self love is waking up every morning and choosing yourself .

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